Body All Mind is a unique School of Body Therapy, which will be educating the best body therapists in Denmark. We believe in the old fashioned saying “Knowing Thyself”, indicating that you can only help and teach others, if you know yourself. When you start up the training becoming a Body All Mind body therapist you will simultaneously engage in an inner Grand Tour, experiencing different treatment methods opening you up for new depths and looks upon yourself. All of them methods you in different ways will encounter throughout the entire training.

The country’s leading experts

We introduce you to the ultimate tools and skills from the established and the alternative world of treatments. Our body is very intelligent and is self-healing if we don’t limit ourselves as therapists, but expand our toolbox accommodating the most efficient methods from both worlds. For that reason we have made agreements with some of the leading experts in the country in their different fields: psychology, nutrition therapy, Body Self Development System, yoga, meditation, reflexology, osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy. We can’t separate the physical and the mental part of ourselves. It’s all connected. That’s why we have a holistic approach to being a therapist. As a Body All Mind Therapist you get the best insight into treating the whole person and are taught to master fundamental methods and techniques from both worlds.

An innovative therapist

With a toolbox this comprehensive in your hand, you will not only become a solid foundation enabling you to competently treating everything from a sore back, neck problems, and joint pains to stress and lifestyle illnesses. At the same time you get the freedom enabling you to think more freely and thereby find new ways as a therapist. Therefore a Body All Mind Therapist is both a clever craftsman and an innovative therapist in constant flow and development.


This is what you get in 2 years

You get 940 lessons distributed over 2 years.

  • • 90 days of teaching
  • • Education in 3,4 and 5 day modules from 9AM to 5PM
  • • Empathy – its all in your senses and intuition
  • • Your breathing – an important factor in the human organism
  • • The energy system in the body, medians and the lymphatic system.
  • • Connections between organs, tissue and feelings
  • • Basic and advanced massage techniques to all the muscles and joints
  • • Reflexology, chiropractic’s, osteopathy, physiotherapy, psychology, - perceptions of body therapy
  • • Liberation of joints – from top till toe
  • • Therapeutic therapy including talks about moral and ethics
  • • Yoga and physical training and exercises supporting the treatment enabling you to pass it on to your clients
  • • Highly professional, competent teachers from the established and the alternative sector
  • • Always 1-2 co-teachers to insure all students will be cared for
  • • Personal and team evaluations once or twice a year
  • • 18 weekends with practice sessions ( voluntarily and without teachers)
  • • 2 cleansing fieldtrips with time to immerse into the process
  • • Specific treatment of injuries and disorders
  • • Retreat where we summarize the whole process

What is a Body All Mind Therapist?

What does a Body All Mind Therapist treat?

A Body All Mind Therapist treats a large spectre of people with shortcomings and diseases. You can treat physical shortcomings as a sore back and neck problems and prevent headaches, tendinopati of the wrist and elbow, knee problems, arthritis, allergies, lifestyle disorders, physical nuisances and mental problems such as stress and worries.
What is a good therapist?
A good therapist is harmonic and engaged with a high academic level. Thus doing the first year, we emphasize to create harmony from within and support you in finding out how you want to engage yourself as a body therapist. The better understanding you have in realizing what’s going on in your own life, the better understanding you will experience in relation to the mood of your clients, their challenges and shortcomings. At the same time you’re trained to separate your own needs from those of your clients’.

To become a talented body therapist it s of great importance you acquire a strong theoretical knowledge in combination with a lot of practical experience. For these reasons your training will be a combination of theoretical background and practical experience using each other as try outs to begin with, but by your first year of training, you will get your own clients, making you aware of what your future as a Body All Mind Therapist could be like. You will throughout the process receive guidance and knowledgeable supervision.

Why does yoga play such a big part in the training?

Combining the physical and psychological treatment with the flow of the body, you will experience the best results. In your yoga practice you will find many elements in the treatments - physically and mentally.

Who does the school reach out to?

Those who would like to work with other people, be a person to inspire others, people who would like to find their own true potential and make a difference for yourself and for your clients. Those who find it exciting to work with the body and the mind - the physical and the mental part of people

What are you looking for in your students?

We would very much like to see students who have lived a life and thereby have personal issues within. People, who want to move boundaries, become challenged and self develop. Who are curious and eager to pass something on to other people!



Body Therapist and founder of Body All Mind

+45 22 82 23 23

Has more than 15 years of experience as a body therapist, trained at “Body SDS” and has more than 16.000 kilometres in his legs. He is the owner of “Kyneb & Co”, former professional bike rider and has for several years worked as a body therapist for one of the world’s most famous bike teams: “Team Saxo Bank – Sunguard/ Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff”.
His mission as a body therapist is to give his clients a better understanding about how your physical body and your mind are connected enabling them to become better to look within themselves.

Martin Bonde

Nutritionist, body therapist and founder of Body All Mind

+45 5116 1816

Is a former sailor, has weighed 130 kilos and had a lot of unhealthy habits and lifestyle disorders. Today he works as a nutritionist, trained at “Body SDS” and as a lifestyle coach. He has written the books: “Den fede faste” and “Den fedeste juicekur”, owner of “Kropsinstituttet” and a juice expert with “Joe and the Juice”. Martin is not fanatic or missionary, but he knows what works, and he has done more than 20.000 treatments all placed in the crossfire between physical and mental treatments.

Practical information



The training becoming a Body All Mind therapist takes 2 years.
The training is divided on 45-50 days a year and primarily takes place between 9AM-5PM.  

We try avoiding classes during school holidays such as week 7, all of July and week 42. There will however be classes on Bank Holidays. The training takes place in Copenhagen.

Thousands of Kroner

PRICE: 135.000 KR. 
Registration fee: 15.000 kr.
School charges is to be paid in 4 rates every 6 months: 

1. term: 36.000 kr.
2. term : 32.000 kr.
3. term: 28.000 kr.
4. term : 24.000 kr.


Module 1: May 3.-4.-5. 2018
Module 2: May 17.-18.-19. 2018
Module 3: June 7.-8.-9. 2018
  Module 4: June 28.-29.-30. 2018
Module 5: August 16.-17.-18. 2018
Module 6: September 6.-7.-8. 2028
Module 7: September 27.-28.-29. 2018 fasting
  Module 8: October 25.-26.-27. 2018
  Module 9: November 15.-16.-17. 2018
Module 10: December 13.-14.-15. 2018
Module 11: January 17.-18.-19. 2019
Module 12: February 7.-8.-9. 2019
Module 13: February 28.-March 1.-2. 2019
Module 14: March 21.-22.-23. 2019
Module 15 : April 11.-12.-13. 2019


Module 1 : May 9.-10.-11. 2019

Module 2 : May 30.-31.- June 1. 2019
Module 3 : June 20.-21.-22. 2019
Module 4 : August 8.-9.-10. 2019
Module 5 : August 29.-30.-31. 2019
Module 6 : September 19.-20.-21. 2019
Module 7 : October 10.-11.-12. 2019 fasting 3 days
Module 8 : October 31.-November 1.-2. 2019
Module 9 : Novenmer 21.-22.-23. 2019
Module 10 : December 12.-13.-14. 2019
Module 11 : January 9.-10.-11. 2020
Module 12 : January 29.-30.-31.-February 1.-2. 2020 retreat
Module 13 : February 20.-21.-22. 2020
Module 14 : March 12.-13.-14. 2020
Module 15 : April 2.-3.-4. 2020 exam


  • Hejrevej 30, 5.
    2400 København NV


Simon Krohn - Yoga teacher

Why is yoga an important discipline as a Body All Mind Therapist?

“Many of our shortcomings are based on unfortunate habits. Everything from an inexpedient posture to unfortunate think patterns and reactions, yoga is a fantastic way to maintain yourself in, and an excellent discipline when it comes to creating good habits, strengthen week muscles and create a good alignment in the body. Alignment means mutual relation between your different body parts. When your body parts equally are placed appropriately the body works together and creates a harmony so we heal in a better way. You can actually rewind a course of disease by dissolving the habits causing the disease. Part from that yoga is a precursor to meditation and through meditation you can train your ability to observe feelings and thoughts, but also observe discomfort and pain and thus prevent both physically and mentally and heal yourself doing yoga”.
What has yoga done for you?
“Yoga keeps me healthy physically and mentally. It is a training system keeping my body tuned in relation to strength but also to coordination and suppleness. And then yoga also contains a stress-reducing element. As a self-employed man who works a lot, I get really scared by the thought of not having yoga in my life. I actually don’t think I could cope with that. At a higher-level yoga has made my life become richer. I’m in close contact with my feelings and I have a healthy approach to my thoughts. Yoga has made me better at befriending myself, also when I’m not well behaved and have rotten thoughts and ugly feelings. Even then I can more easily experience a sense of spaciousness and empathy towards myself. Earlier I was more judgmental and hard on myself.”
What has yoga done for you?
You’ll get a good toolbox so you can put together a program containing adjustable exercises related to the issues your clients are dealing with to make it easier preventing problems. My intension is for you to use the exercises yourself and also for your clients as a healing and preventive supplement to the other treatments given.”
Nanna Ewald Stigel - Nutritionist

What is the most important thing we will be taught in your class?

“You will be taught basic principles in relation to working with food as an active part of the treatment. And you will experience a basic understanding about functional medicine,- how you can incorporate diet and lifestyle changes treating different diseases. You will receive a solid knowledge about some basic areas of function with a large influence on both body and mind including blood sugar regulation, your immune system, digestion, hormones and energy production. And then you will receive a dietary therapeutic toolbox with practical and easily understandable tools that you can use guiding your clients. So you’re basically taught to relate to the food, your clients eat, and then you’re taught to understand what happens to the food when it enters your body”.
You have tried on your own body to become sick because of your diet and becoming healthy again by changing your diet?”
“Yes, I ate for a period of my life inexpediently, too little with too less fat, and experienced severe digestive problems and hormonal unbalances. After 13 years with almost non-existing or irregular periods, I became diagnosed with PCOS. And from the perspective of the gynaecologist, that was just too bad. But I needed that to be a lie. And I was right. Prepared with vegetables, good oils, more protein, a little dietary supplements and moderate exercise, I cured my disease”.
How is our diet connected to how we feel physically and mentally?
“Nutrition is a fundamental stage when we talk about health and vitality. We eat about 50 ton of food throughout a life. That’s why our daily diet affects the inner signal systems in our bodies massively. It’s also information and bricks. Saying that food is information, means that it talks to our body. When you eat fresh and clean foods, the food brings the body a sort of manual. And on the opposite: when we start refining and processing our foods, we actually thereby burn off the manual. And the food starts doing more harm than good. We use nutrients from the food to repair and create new cells to produce neurotransmitters in our nervous system and to produce hormones. All of this is creating a vital influence on our mental and physical health”.
What can you treat using nutrition therapy?
“You will not find many things you can fix without looking at your diet. Such as allergies, inflammatorily diseases, Type 2 diabetes or other lifestyle diseases. Our food is essential in relation to chronic diseases. Nutrition therapy differs from regular nutritional counselling by relating to the deeper causes to why you develop unbalances and diseases. We look at all the functions of the body and not the least how they relate. Often more than one factor is at stake, and the art is really to relate to the complexity and then choose a few simple guidelines for your client”.
What is the biggest misunderstanding when it comes to nutrition?
I often hear from clients with chronic diseases, that they believe, it doesn’t have an influence what we eat because their disease anyhow is of a chronic character. And that simply isn’t true. Another very common misinterpretation that if you only eat from the newest, most trendy diets with letter abbreviations, then you’re all set. As simple as that it rarely comes. It’s all about looking at the person, you have in front of you: what is the clients’ medical record? What is the person genetically predisposed for? And what is the general lifestyle of the client?”
Do you have a motto in relation to food?
“Eat yourself healthy! My approach to nutrition is based on what’s called functional medicine, which is a nutritional therapeutic treatment that assumes, that chronic diseases are a result of changed functions in your body. That you’ve experienced some bumps along the way in your system. In nutritional therapy we don’t focus so much on the diagnosis or about alleviating symptoms, but instead about finding out what’s causing the unbalance and then do something about the reasons why that happens. If you for example have frequent headaches they rarely come alone. Painkillers can alleviate the pain for a while, but can worsen it in the long run. In functional medicine you look at the underlying causes: Does the headache occur because of dehydration? Tensions? Exposed to toxic substances? Nutrient deficiencies? Reaction caused by foods? Is it a hormonal condition? Or is really caused by an excessive intake of painkillers?”.


Come and hear more about the content and structure of the education and we'll reply to all your questions. We tell about our experiences as therapists and explain why we have chosen to create a new education that combines elements from the established and alternative treatment.

FROM 19.00 TO 21.30


The next education starts 3rd may 2018. Will you join?

Contact Mikael at 22 82 23 23 or Martin at 51 16 18 16 if you wish to ask about the education